Egg Wash

In culinary school they have a funny way of letting you know that the way that you've been doing things for the past 50 years is WRONG. Apparently there's an entire "way" of creating egg wash.

What? You didn't know that? And you call yourselves mothers, cooks, men!

So, the (*cough*) proper way of creating egg wash is by using 2 eggs. after cracking and emptying them into a strainer, you're suppose to whisk them (while still in the strainer) and allow the "egg" to strain into a bowl. And VIOLA you have culinary egg wash.


Chef E said...

Thanks for the memory, lol, we also were taught to add a dash of cream too, I guess it all depends on the instructor...where did you go? I attended in Texas ten years ago, but had already started a catering company years before that...

Dee said...

Well, who knew? I do the cream addtion as well. Yes, not 50 years but doing things the way my Grandmother did, must be a Texas thing, ha!! Love the sandwich reference.