Go BIG or go home!

My favorite cousin in the whole world, Belvyn, left to return back to PA this week. In order to deal with him leaving I decided to bake and cook for most of the evening. I had lots of errands to run, a meeting, homework, blah blah blah... so I kept busy.

Besides In-&-Out burgers, his next favorite food (in CA) are my tacos... sorry, no pics of those today. So I mades lots of tacos, rice and beans, fresh guacamole (see previous post) and this 4-story cake. He kept asking why I kept stacking on layer afte layer. The cake was symbolic of the number of months he was here... 4 in total.

I am truly going to miss him, and I hope he'll come back soon. We love you!

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Chef E said...

Family moments are great! Looks like you guys had fun...