The GREAT pancake eating concest of 2009

So my husband and daughter are constantly battling each other when it comes to eating food. My middle son gets involved sometimes, but on a consistent basis it's those two. Anything from "I bet you can't eat an entire slice of pizza in one bite" to "I dare you to eat a jalapeno pepper and not drink any water." It was inevitable that a 'pancake' eating contest was going to come up. They both love them and swore they could out eat the other.

Everyone got involved, of course, except me. There was a couple next to us that laughed when they found out what we were doing..

Battle date: Saturday, January 10, 2009
Battle location: IHOP - Manhattan Beach, CA
Battle participants: Ryann vs. Clifton vs. Raye

"Eaters, pick up your forks & knives" (the battle didn't begin until the pancakes were butter and syrup-ed)

Winner (by TKO) is Clifton.
Score: Clifton 10, Ryann 5, Raye 3.

You've done your country proud soliders!

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Laura said...

Holy moly are those photos funny. :)