[Chicken] Georgia on my mind

So on one of my many ocassions of watching the FoodNetwork, Ms. Paula Deen showcased one of her favorite "quick" chicken dishes. I tried it that night, and I've been making it ever since. I can't tell you how good this dish taste... all I can say is YOU'LL LOVE IT!

Promise me that if you decide to make this dish, that you email/blog/whatever me to let me know what you think.


SOCAL'S VERSION just adds a little more of everything (i.e. butter, shallots, mushrooms) to the original recipe... more = happy!

shallots + butter making love

three is NOT a crowd when the mushrooms decide to join in

chicken can be very tasty with only (kosher) salt & pepper

Mozarella cheese makes it all "stick" together

wanna bite?

want the plate?

**TIP - follow her recipe exactly, the first time. There's no errors, etc. Trust Paula!***


5 Star Foodie said...

Looks great! I do love Paula Deen!

Chef E said...

I know people make fun of Paula, but I love her, she reminds me of my aunt...who does not cook, but the personality...she is like me I say 'oh that is so easy' and people laugh and say 'maybe for you', but her cooking is from the heart!

Thanks for your comment, glad someone appreciates my 'natural' humor about life, lessons, and friendship! oh, and inner 'goddess'...