So, what motivates me?
Well I have 3 (ahem) wonderful children that keeps me on my toes and who I adore to know end. I also have the world's greatest husband (of course you think yours is better - sorry) who supports me, takes care of me and most of all LOVES me.

So here they are:
youngest - Chris (aka Bam-Bam)
middle child - Raye (aka Sugar Raye)
oldest child - Ryann (aka Candie - don't ask)
Husband - Clif (aka Mack-a-matician - again.... don't ask)

Not only do I have the best husband but the best kids (when they're being good - j/k)

There! You get a closer look into my fam-bam!


big achievement

One reason I decided to come back to the blog-o-sphere is because I started feeling like sharing what's going on in my life with family/friends. I'm not good with always emailing or sending out pictures, so this works out great.

Another reason was due to a thought I had right after completing my first "half" marathon, this past October. I simply wanted to "blog" about everything that took place before, during and after I crossed the finish line. I figured it would be "lame" of me to think that people were still reading the "old" blog, so I'd have to start a new one, and begin with something COOL!

Earlier this year, some friends and I signed up for the Nike Women's Marathon. Unfortnately, not all of us were able to participate, actually I was the only one from all that signed up, who ran/walked the marathon. It gave me lots of time to think.... and sweat, and think, and hurt. At the end of the day... I had a great experience and it created some wonderful memories. I didn't take my camera with me along the walk... I wish I had, but here a few pictures my family took:

at the Nike Expo

finding my name on the wall of 20K runners

dedicated family members in 41 degree, SF weather (at 5am)

crosing the "starting line" 23+ minutes after the official race start

finishing the race 3h 44m afterwards

It was truly a great race for a great cause... I hope to see everyone again next year - same dates, same city.

Who are you?

Ok, so I'm in a transition period.
I used to hold a pretty good blog. I'd update it frequently; I had lots of friends and therefore had a long "blogroll"; I was a member of a few "blog groups", etc. I say all of this to say that I'm basically starting over from scratch - which is why the blog is considerably blank.

I could link this blog to my old one... but that's the OLD BLOG. I could re-list all of the friends/sites... but that's the past. With that being said, there will mostly like be a "few" that make it onto this blog. Not for any other reason than I'd love to have them here to share them with the (blog) world. I'll do my best to be as "whitty" as before... with that being said.... there IS a group that I'd love to list on the site. I have to check to make sure they'll still accept me, I've been gone for quite some time, wish me luck... brb!

hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to school I go

Well, all went well yesterday (except the part where I saw how much money I'll have to pay back) during the enrollment process. I'm now officially a student of the culinary arts. My first day of class isn't for another couple of weeks, so I have time to "brush up" on some of my baking skills, in my attempt to impress the chef instructor.

The school is pretty cool, and the kitchens absolutely blow you away - they have all the latest "tools of the trade" daw-ling! Stay tuned for some pics of my creations, etc.


the first step

Today I take the first step in becoming a pastry chef. It's been a strange (not difficult) couple of months. Trying to decide on which school to enroll and how to re-adjust my family normal, day-to-day routines. My husband has been real supportive and we've worked it all out (so far so good).

I'll be heading down to the school today to sign enrollment paperwork, to start class on Nov 13th. The school seems to be a perfect fit for me, one of two schools that I checked out. Small classroom sizes, large kitchens and cool competitions once you get your feet wet.

My appointments at 11:30... I'll let you know what happens. Wish me luck!