Alright, already... here are my 2009 Resolutions

1. Go on at least 9 dates with my husband (to "happening" bars and clubs),
2. Lose 9 pounds (I mean it is two thousand and NINE - hello!),
3. Pray for 9 strangers and 9 friends,
4. Eat 9 foods I've never tried before,
5. Bake 9 different desserts (and thanks to school and the DB's I'll be fine),
6. Read 9 different books, by various authors (I'm already 1 book down),
7. Pick up AT LEAST 9 of the items listed in my book of 100 things (although the goal is to get whatever is left on the list - don't tell my husband),
8. Enter at least 1 marathon (did you really think I was going to say 9 marathons),
9. Purchase 9 lottery tickets (hey... it couldn't hurt)

Yeah... I'm all done... so what are your resolutions for '09?

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