Banana Bread, sans nuts

Ok... so I tried this recipe again, because I had some bananas that were getting old faster than we were consuming them (maybe it had something to do with me placing them in the fridge :|) Anyway, I decided to have a second go-round with the banana bread that I made previously.

This time I decided to make the recipe, as it was written, and the results were not that great. The bread was slightly 'stiffer' and did not have a moist texture at all. If I made this again, using the shortening, I would lessen the cook time by almost 15 minutes and probably add more bananas to balance out the dryness.

Check out the recipe HERE!


ChefBliss.com said...

I love banana bread! My grandmother always made the best banana bread but I can't seem to duplicate it. And I recently (ok, 6 months ago!) tried someone elses recipe 3 times and it was ok. Why is banana bread so hard? LOL!!!

SweetestChef said...

My Grandmother made banana bread too! She would wrap it, box it and tie a ribbon on it and would give it out for christmas. I never got her recipe, but I always think of her when I think of the best banana bread! I like to add sour cream or yogurt for moistness.

Sheila said...

Since this was your second goround with this recipe and it didn't yield great results, you should try another. Look at schweetnsavory.blogspot.com and search for "everybody has rotten bananas" for an absolutely terrific banana bread recipe.