El Salvadorean treat

My favorite "pupusa-ria" (sp?) is going out of business. This place has been the closest that my husband and I have found to some really great pupusas. It's local, it's cheap and it's good. We're going to miss those days of just running over and grabbing 6 pupusas to chow down with cabbage, plantains, and empanadas.


Here's some of our favorite dishes:
Pupusa (with pork, bean and cheese)

Empanada (fried banana goodness)

Plantains (w/cream and beans)

Our after dinner drink... something with fruit (so good)


Chef E said...

I think we would get along if we lived near each other, and all the good food between the two of us!

I wrote something for you and appreciate the compliment, a writer friend also told me the same thing last night!

Hornsfan said...

So sad for you, I can't imagine losing such a treasured establishment...I've got a little Mexican Bakery/Eatery close by I feel the same way about and would be so sad to see it go!

Laura said...

I'd be crying too--that stuff looks awesome!

The Duo Dishes said...

That's too bad. Pupusas are so good. There are a few spots here in L.A., but you have to know where to go to find a good one.