Lemon Basil Swordfish

...so as I was saying in my previous post, my husband doesn't like salmon, the other fish I was serving for dinner last night. Instead of making him "choke down" my other creation, I opted to make him his own fish dinner. He likes swordfish... so I fed him swordfish.

1 swordfish steak
2 tsp lemon juice
1/4 c olive oil
1/2 tsp basil, fresh or dry

Rinse and prepare fish.
Combine oil, lemon juice, basil, salt and pepper into bowl; whisk until combined.
Brush both sides of fish with mixture. Lay fish onto grill and cook until done.

I used my George Foreman grill and I cooked it a total of 7 minutes (4m the first time then an additional 3m - after I flipped it)

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Anonymous said...

I love grilled swordfish - great idea to add basil! Delicious!