Straw-Black-Berry smoothie

I'm back...I'm so sorry for staying away... I've been a)busy, b)celebrating my birthday and c)having computer troubles. I get so frustrated whenever my computer becomes slow. It doesn't seem to matter that I've erased almost everything and that all of my files are now loaded via a disc... it doesn't matter. Oh well.

Now on to better news.
I've decided to eat a smoothie-a-day to get in some of the fruit that I normally don't eat. This food came up in a conversation we were having at school, when my instructor mentioned that she makes her smoothies with tofu (I'm not going there yet).

RECIPE: (yields ~2 cups)

1/2 c nonfat (or lowfat) yogurt, plain
1/2 c strawberries, fresh
1/2 c blackberries, frozen
1/2 c orange juice

Alternatives... use soft tofu, instead of yogurt. Use tea instead of orange juice, for a bigger does of antioxidants.

Combine all ingredients in a blender, blend... and enjoy.
The blackberries are really "tart" so you may need to either add more strawberries, or some sugar. Add 1 tbsp at a time..


Anonymous said...

Delicious smoothie! I love them and actually will be sharing a new recipe sometime soon on my blog.

Mo Diva said...

Thats a gorgeous color! Must be tasty

Chef E said...

Mo is right that color rings through! Thats it I am buying a photography light for my crummy kitchen, we live in the woods so I feel like I live in WA, not NJ...

I must stock up on smoothie supplies now...note to self...fruit!