Happy 2nd Birthday Chris!

Two years ago today my youngest son was born. At around this time, on that day, he had already received his bath, met his brother and sister and stolen the hearts of both mommy and daddy.

Today, my precious Chris is going through "bottle withdrawls" because TODAY is the day that we throw away the bottle and begin potty training (I know... what a horrible birthday gift).

Every year on his birthday I remember a picture that I took when we was only a few weeks old. The pic shows just how small he was... I mean "really" small (6lb 3oz). I also take a picture every year to show just how big he's gotten.

We had a party for him on Saturday, and lots of his friends/family showed up. We played the Wii (friendly competition), blocks, and ate lots of food. Chris tired out before the party was over, but we woke him up just in time to blow out his candles.

He is truly a special little guy. He's the smartest baby I know and has an incredible memory. He's able to make us smile and laugh any time he wants and we love him for being his own little person (with an attitude and all) already.

Thank you baby for making mommy so proud and happy every day.


Hornsfan said...

So cute - I love the photos next to the remote! Happy B-day to your baby!

Chef E said...

Happy 2nd Chris! I remember when the bottle man came and took away all of theirs, oh and the binky man came as well :) Thanks to that clever person out there that shared that idea with me!

Anonymous said...

How cute is that. :) Happiest bday to him!

Tangled Noodle said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Chris! He's certainly making up from that first, teeny picture.