Keepin' with the PORK theme...

...I ordered this little beauty after watching an "all about chocolate" special on the Foodnetwork. They talked about at least 5 different gourmet chocolate shops around the US, and Vosges was the one that caught my eye. At the moment they're focus is on their "Flying Chocolate Pig" chocolate bar. They have an entire tab dedicated to chocolate + bacon. YUM!

It's a piece of chocolate, shaped like a pig, wrapped with small ribbon. The chocolate is flavored with pieces of applewood bacon, alder wood smoke salt and deep milk chocolate (41% cacao). WOW!

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Chef E said...

Oh My Goodness, I am ordering one for 'Irish Valentines Day', that is like the real one, but we do it closer to March for St Patty's Day...no I am just kidding it means I need an excuse girl! lol