How to warm a pig...

... put it in a blanket! (hello... is this mic on?)

Ok, so I know that some of us have this "fear" of childhood foods. We all have those foods we SWORE we would never eat again because mom made us eat so much of it as a child that we have no desire to eat it. Mine is pork chops!
Yes, I know they can be good, especially stuffed, grilled, etc.

I can't even cook them properly that's how much I don't like them anymore.

Pigs in a Blanket is one of my favorite childhood foods. It's good no matter what, and so easy to make. It ranks right up there with Sloppy Joes and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (I mean, have you ever had a "bad" PB&J sammich?)

Pilsbury crescent rolls
Little smokies

Unroll crescent rolls; cut triangles in half (you get 2 for 1 that way).
Place little smokey on large end, top with some cheese. Roll up towards the point.
Do this like a gazzillion times.

Bake using the package instructions on the dough... and enjoy!

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