What's for dinner?

Bacon-wrapped meatloaf and Potatos Au Gratin.

So I've actually done this "meatloaf" before... I think this time the overall flavoring of the meatloaf was better, but I think the look of the bacon last time was best. Anyways, my stomach didn't seem to mind or make a comment, so all was well.

Just make your standard meatloaf (meat, crackers, seasoning, egg, onions). Form log; cover with your choice of bacon. VOILA!
(don't you wish all recipes were this simple - well, that is if you've made meatloaf before) If you haven't, here's a recipe for THAT - I'll have to try the brown sugar ketchup glaze later.

Well, I know the RECIPE said to "cook" them, but they didn't say how. So I fried them (I know... I have an ulcer). Then I covered them with the sauce, cheese and then backed them. They turned out pretty good (for a newbie!)

You can't go wrong with bacon, cheese and potatoes, can you?

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Joanna said...

i love potatoes and that cartoon is funny. my mom always makes the au gratin ones from the box. i used to eat them all the time with ketchup when i was little.