When I think about this word the movie Innerspace always comes to mind.

ul⋅cer   /ˈʌlsər/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [uhl-ser] Show IPA Pronunciation

1. Pathology. a sore on the skin or a mucous membrane, accompanied by the disintegration of tissue, the formation of pus, etc.
2. peptic ulcer.
3. any chronically corrupting or disrupting condition, element, etc.

So, over the weekend I have to take my meds and then call the doctor on Monday to see if I will need an endoscopy. At this point I'm in limbo, trying to relax and not shoot someone. It kind of slows things down a bit for me, since I'm always running at 200 mph.


Anonymous said...

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Joanna said...

i hope you're okay. i've never had an ulcer, but my mom said hers were painful.