No Thought Scampi

So last night I wanted to have some pasta for dinner. After watching Paula Deen talk about shrimp and crab au gratin, I also wanted some seafood. What's the easy seafood and pasta to make?.... shrimp and angel hair in a scampi sauce.
I even made it from scratch without using a recipe. I just used all the things that I "thought" would be in the sauce. It didn't turn out to bad.

Shrimp (hint: do not buy shrimp w/the shells still on - this was a pain in the ?)
Angel hair pasta
White wine (any white wine you drink is the best kind to use)
Grape tomatoes
Green onions

Prepare shrimp with seasoning - make sure they're all devaned, etc.
Cook pasta; drain and set aside.
Melt butter in pan. Add shallot until soften. Season with salt and pepper. Add white wine, cook for 5 minutes. Add shrimp to pan; cook 2 minutes. Add pasta and tomatoes to pan. Pasta will soak up all of the juices. Top with diced green onion. Add a glass of WINE and you're doing FINE!


msbrown said...

Love the blog girl. The food looks great. Didn't know you were going to school. Good for you =). My friend just graduated from Pastry school. I need some dinner suggestions for Christmas Eve Dinner for family guests of 4. Let me know if you have any suggestions. And the fam looks great. Ryan's looking alot like her Auntie Shante. =) I love it.

Kim said...

I too love seafood w/pasta and your recipe is great and easy for me to make, I'll have to try it and since my hubby isn't crazy about seafood, I'll get it all to myself! LOL

turkishfoodandrecipes said...

This really looks delicious, I love seafood, especially shrimp:)