The BIG BEAR trip that wasn't!

So we thought it would be a nice surprise to take the family (including Uncle Belvyn) up to the mountains the day after Christmas. We could get in some snow ball fights, watch the snow fall, and introduce Chris to the true meaning of "cold." Sounds great right?


First let's start by saying that the worse thing we could have done was PLAN the trip. We seem to be the TYPE that can "do" without planning. Every time we plan a trip (well not EVERY time) something goes wrong. When we don't plan we seem to LUCK out and get a great hotel room, buy a underpriced television, etc.

So we pick up keys for a family-member's cabin, change tires on the van so we could properly chain up the tires, and we packed up the car to head out for a winter trip to remember. Here's the list of mistakes:

1. We left the house at a little past 2 (we wanted to leave before 12),
2. We tried to go up to the mountains when everyone else wanted to go,
3. We sat in 3 hour (up the hill) traffic only to be turned away because we didn't purchase chains beforehand,
4. We purchased over-priced generic chains at the local gas station,
5. We purchased milk from the nearest Walmart with no place to keep it cold,
6. We tried to find a hill-side cabin, in the dark; in the snow; following the VERBAL directions of my 11 year old (completely going against the instructions of the cabin owner),
7. We tried to find a hotel room, in Big Bear, on a holiday weekend,
8. We had to sleep in the van (6 people) instead of driving back down the hill and look for another option,
9. We tried to open up the pipes, turn on the electricity and heat up a cabin that we've never been too; had dead rats under the porch where the water heater was, and frozen bathroom pipes that we could not open,
10. We let my 8 year old pack his own bag of clothes, gloves and ski pants which he ended up leaving at home (meaning no change of clothes after sleeping in a car).

On the up side we found some poor sucker to buy back our newly bought/used tire chains for $25 more than we paid for them.... HEY, HEY, HEY... don't feel sorry for him... what about us?!?!?!

So after not being able to stay in the cabin (which had a perfect view of the frozen Big Bear lake) we decided to TAKE OUR ASSES HOME!

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