HTML codes make site look purrr-ty

So what's up with everyone wanting to have lots of banners, advertisment, etc. on their site. Does it make us all feel like our site is better than the others? And what makes a "great site?"

Is it the non-pro pictures? Food pictures? Family pictures? What? I guess it depends on what lured you to the site in the first place. Which means I better end this post with a great big picture of cake or something.. huh?

(To read about the recipe and step-by-step pictures, click HERE!)

I've fallen to "html code" craze today. I loaded 5 new tags and I'm waiting on the approval of a 6th one. This is just madness. Oh well, I guess that what makes this buisness of "blogging" so unique... we share things that we probably won't share on a day-to-day.

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