Cheesecake "Blues"

So the other night while I was making my meatloaf and taters, I also got started on a cheesecake. I was inspired when I saw in episode of Bobby Flay's Throwdown. In the episode he challenged Juniors of New York to a cheesecake showdown.

I actually saw this episode earlier this year, and I attempted to make the exact cheesecake that Juniors did, the Devils Food Cheesecake - as you can see in my "old" blog POST.. I wasn't too happy with the outcome. This time around I decided to do my "own thang" and make my own topping.

I followed THIS basic cheesecake recipe, and opted to top it with blueberries (instead of carmalized apples - how dare I?).
I just semi-thawed frozen blueberries, cooked them in simple syrup; drained and spooned them on top of individually sliced portions of the cake. (simple syrup is equal parts water and sugar - I used 1 cup of each)

Not to bad!

...and as always...

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Chandani said...

cheesecake with blueberries sounds delicious:)