1st Qtr of school finals

So tonight I took the second part of a two-part final for my Intro to Baking class. Last night we had to bake 3 different items (brioche, soft rolls and blueberry muffins) of which we've baked before. We were graded on appearance, consistency and weight. 12 muffins, 12 rolls and 12 petite pain loafs were lined up, measured and weighed. They had to be within a certain range in order to fall into the "consistent" column.
I'm proud to say that I passed and my items were even used as examples for class.
(it sucks that some friends of mine had to work with a couple of students that honestly should not be in this class.... they could truly care less).

For tonight's final we had to first clean the entire kitchen. I mean REALLY CLEAN THE KITCHEN. We might as well have been on our hands and knees with a 2-bristle toothbrush cleaning a 600-700 sq ft kitchen. After the cleaning was done, we took a written exam which could have been a nightmare. Chef Charles was decent enough to ask questions that the entire class "should" have known the answer too, and that resulted in me knowing the answers to all of the questions. I did miss one, but it was because I truly thought it was a trick question and "over" answered the question. You know what I mean, right?

Oh well, one more final to go, that's in my online Safety and Sanitation class. Wish me luck.

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Colleen Brown said...

I'm also in school to become a pastry chef. Your day sounds very similar to mine. Good luck with your finals. Thankfully I am done until we return on Jan 5th. Happy Holidays!