Christmas shopping

Why is it that every year I think I am going to get shopping done early, and every year I either wait til the last minute to shop, or think of more things to purchase. The whole purpose of shopping early is so that you're not stuck out there with all of those CRAZY-ASSED-ED-ED people who are angry the entire day bbbeeeeee-caaaaausssse, they (along with the other 10 million people in LA county) decided to shop at the last minute. I mean, at least I don't have an attitude when:

1. I have to stand in long ass lines,
2. when my sizes aren't available,
3. the cash register "mysteriously" breaks down when it's my turn in line,
4. the mall doesn't seem to stay open as "late" as I seem to remember,
5. the store no longer has gift boxes for the clothes that I purchased,
6. all of the cool wrapping paper is gone and all that's left is weird "holiday" characters that seem to stare at you when you look at them;

...wow, I really didn't mean to go that far, but oh well. Happy shopping.

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