TASTE ALERT: OMG...when I tell you this "soup" is the most amazing, easiest thing in the world to make, I truly mean it. My husband was nervous of "a whole cube" going into this... but it is WELL WORTH IT)

While watching the "Butter Godess" she revealed a couple of her favortie recipes to the world. I, one of those glued to the television screen, used this opportunity to "borrow" it and quickly see why it made her "fav" list.

Onion Soup, without the bread and cheese (this was "sooo" not the name)

Large onion (1 per guest/diner)
Bouillon cube (1 per onion)
2 tbsp butter (each, per onion, per guest/diner - LOL!)

Preheat oven to 375.
Peel onion. Double slice open middle of onion (do not cut all the way down to the bottom).

Place (1) bouillon cube in the center of the onion,

and fill in the lines with the butter.

Wrap entire onion in tin foil, leaving some foil at the top. Bake for 45 minutes and enjoy.


doggybloggy said...

the anti-soup

s. stockwell said...

We are so in the mood for this!! It's going to rain here in Santa Barbara and this is a perfect accompaniment. Thanks, s

Chef E said...

Okay...damn that looks and sounds good too!

Hornsfan said...

that looks amazing - I adore a good onion (non) soup :)

Daily Spud said...

That's not soup, that's genius!