Happy Birthday Hubby!

All day long, I've wanted to post about my hubby's birthday. I've been running around from doctor's appointment, lunch date (with hubby), picking up Ryann from school, Big 5's, making birthday pancakes, and baking in school for 5 hours.

During the very short, moment I got to spend with Cliffy-Clif I was able to give him his gift and a birthday cake made out of pancakes (he doesn't care for sweets). Chris even helped to blow the candles out with "Dear Old Dad" (the only rugrat missing was Sugar Raye).

This is the first moment I've had all day to write this post, and there's only 9 minutes left in his birthday. Well babe, I just wanted to tell you that I love you so much, and I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

I truly am blessed to have a great husband... one who deserves to have wonderful day, and great birthdays. You're the best-est!

Here's what the Old Man received as a gift...

...a grown up gift, for my growing up hubby!


doggybloggy said...

new clubs? what a great gift - happy birthday over there in So Cal Land.

Christine aka Mistress of Cakes said...

Now that is a proper birthday!

Desmone007 said...

Wow what a busy day but I'm glad you got to treat your hubby.

Hornsfan said...

love the photo - it's too cute seeing your little guy helping his dad out there :)