Country Baguette

Nothing says "Welcome back to pastry school" like a fresh bread.

(sorry... we use the metric system in school)
800 gm bread flour
200 gm rye flour
300 gm fremented dough (recipe to follow)
650 gm water
30 gm yeast (1/2 this ingredient if using "active/dry" yeast)
20 gm salt

Activate yeast in water. Mix dry ingredients. Add wet ingredients. Combine until dough comes together. Add fermented dough. Knead until you no longer see the fermented dough. Pre-shape dough into petite pain. Rest for 1 hour. Portion dough into 250 gm pieces. Shape dough into large navette.
Check out this cool video on shaping bread. Click HERE!
Cover with plastic wrap for 20 minutes. Score the tops of the baguette, bake in 220 degree celsius oven for 20-25 miutes. Cool completely.

RECIPE: Fermented Dough (almost forgot)
1 kl bread flour
650 gm water
30 gm yeast (remember what I said about "live" vs. "active/dry" - 1/2 recipe if using the latter)
30 gm salt

Activate yeast in water. Combine dry ingredients. Add wet ingredients and knead until dough forms. Place dough in covered bowl and allow to sit, overnight, in refrigerator. Use as needed.

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Sophie said...

Your baguettes look mighty tasty!