Who are you?

Ok, so I'm in a transition period.
I used to hold a pretty good blog. I'd update it frequently; I had lots of friends and therefore had a long "blogroll"; I was a member of a few "blog groups", etc. I say all of this to say that I'm basically starting over from scratch - which is why the blog is considerably blank.

I could link this blog to my old one... but that's the OLD BLOG. I could re-list all of the friends/sites... but that's the past. With that being said, there will mostly like be a "few" that make it onto this blog. Not for any other reason than I'd love to have them here to share them with the (blog) world. I'll do my best to be as "whitty" as before... with that being said.... there IS a group that I'd love to list on the site. I have to check to make sure they'll still accept me, I've been gone for quite some time, wish me luck... brb!

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