big achievement

One reason I decided to come back to the blog-o-sphere is because I started feeling like sharing what's going on in my life with family/friends. I'm not good with always emailing or sending out pictures, so this works out great.

Another reason was due to a thought I had right after completing my first "half" marathon, this past October. I simply wanted to "blog" about everything that took place before, during and after I crossed the finish line. I figured it would be "lame" of me to think that people were still reading the "old" blog, so I'd have to start a new one, and begin with something COOL!

Earlier this year, some friends and I signed up for the Nike Women's Marathon. Unfortnately, not all of us were able to participate, actually I was the only one from all that signed up, who ran/walked the marathon. It gave me lots of time to think.... and sweat, and think, and hurt. At the end of the day... I had a great experience and it created some wonderful memories. I didn't take my camera with me along the walk... I wish I had, but here a few pictures my family took:

at the Nike Expo

finding my name on the wall of 20K runners

dedicated family members in 41 degree, SF weather (at 5am)

crosing the "starting line" 23+ minutes after the official race start

finishing the race 3h 44m afterwards

It was truly a great race for a great cause... I hope to see everyone again next year - same dates, same city.

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