man vs. food VS. Us

My uncle was telling me about some television show where a man goes around to different restaurants and enters challenges that the restaurant is known for. An example would be that he had to eat 6 of these atomic wings in order to have his picture placed on the 'wall of flame.'

While in Los Angeles he visited Orochon Ramen in Little Tokyo (downtown LA). They have a dish there that (on the show) claim thousands of people of tried to finish, but only a few have succeeded. It's called the "Special #2." Their ramen dishes set up like this:
1. Choose a broth (salt, miso or soy sauce)
2. Choose a heat level (1-7; 7 being the mildest and 1 is "Extreme)
3. Choose extra fillings (i.e. egg, extra noodles, green onions, etc.)

In addition to the 7 heat levels there are 2 SPECIAL heat levels. Both are compared to 'the surface of the sun,' #2 being the hotest of the two.

So last night we to see what the place was all about, and if it lived up to it's hype.
I got a #2 (not the special)

Kristen got a #4 (punk)

Lil Chris got teriyaki chicken.....

and my husband... he attempted the Special #1 (yowwwzaaaa!)

We started off with some beers (yum) and then it was on to the dumplings (yum x2).
Finally the main dishes....

Let's just say that our noses were sweating, it got REALLY hot in that place, and most of us paid for that experience later.

Great place.... you should check it out.


Hornsfan said...

Tasty looking dinner - how'd you do on the challenge, any one finish? :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great place! Will definitely check it out when I'm in LA.

Karen said...

Oh my goodness i shouldn't have read this tonight! I love love love ramen and I'm all craving for it now :(

Daily Spud said...

Oh boy - look at you with that big bowl of ramen! I would love some of that, plus the beers plus the dumplings and then plus some more beers :)

Chef E said...

I am thinking that maybe you guys waited a while before returning again :) I love noodles and now am wanting to visit tiger noodle for lunch...no places that do contests here, I think that is more mid-west, down south to west coast thing...they ask me about it here in jersey, but maybe I should start something!

pigpigscorner said...

Love spicy food! Sounds great!